Different Kinds of Stresses Experienced by Doctors

Is being a doctor stressful?

Is being a doctor stressful?


Every profession has stress, Doctors too have some different types of stress in their day-to-day life along with that they could move on and providing incredible service to society with joy in mind by never storing stresses consequently over one another, because they know they are here to give dedicated health care and treatment services for patients. Even though, if they have broad mind to serve for the society but somehow in few cases, they have faced such stresses which are untold by doctors, or not even shared with their colleagues. Here I have shared some of the stresses which are experienced, still experiencing in their daily life, this list only contains few but there are many stresses that each doctors also impacted by it. Every doctors not exactly having same stress experiences, but obviously they have similar mindsets to handle such stress in themselves with their caring nature towards patients is their great strength.

Types of Stresses for Doctors:

  • Day to day work life challenge
  • Long running work load
  • Afraid to commit medical errors
  • No have time to spend with Family
  • Self caring themselves

Day to day Work Life Challenge:

Before or after pandemic doctors are fully stressed, at some point they got exhausted out due to their hectic schedule of caring patients at covid wards and they keep staying in their clinics even without nothing think about their family, children and friends etc. Seriously, they don’t have time to keep separate schedule to maintain their work and life balance in great way, even though, they could do and consider both family and career as two eyes, never have to balance in one roof it’s very difficult for them to cover all within 24/7. Due to imbalanced work life challenge faced by doctors, it could pulled them to extreme stage of committing suicide is very hard full truth for us to digest about it as one of the reporting saying that.

Long Running Work Load:

Due to endless dedicated services provided by many physicians, medical and health care workers including doctors too, they are running in swamped manner around the clock without having proper food at regular time and improper sleeping hours etc. these are all specific stuffs experienced by doctors not only in pandemic situation, but this already they had before too with frequent availability for patients to taking care of them. Already they had stayed at hospitals to taking care of patients before pandemic, but after starting of pandemic they have a lot work load including daily routine patient visits, having less time to utilize for personal life, more work related stuffs running on their mind which leads to make them stressed on their day even can’t able to focus on each tasks as being physicians. Lot of work load drive them into more stressed mind which leads them to burned out at some point.

Afraid to Commit Medical Errors:

In every profession there must be unexpected errors may be reported but in doctor’s field there should not be errors found either with or without knowledge because if they prescribe or suggest any medications to wrong patients there is a big issue to health which would push them to critical situations, but Doctors are always be very clear and attentive in treating patients, suggesting proper medicines or injections based on their health conditions so that they could asked every patients about health during illness and more conscious to write medicines by avoiding mistakes since they have more responsible to curing patients so they could frighten to make a mistakes in their professions. It’s very stress for them to be more clear and active always because they are seeing 1000+ patients per day approximately.

No Time to Spend with Family:

Everyone has family, kids and relatives etc, doctors too had all these relationships but never have time to spend and getting relax by having any weekend trips, parties etc to making themselves refreshed for sending out stresses. But now pandemic drives them to separate from family as being a family man or woman they feel missed those relationships and missing their kids never have a leisure to stay along with family, parents in home, everyday they are having high risk of infections due to covid they have self controlled all desires within themselves to avoid spreading of epidemics to their family members. In this case, there are two mindsets for doctors is one to secure their family need to stay away for avoid spreading and other is felt missing to meet everyone of their family members due to stringent work in pandemic which makes them more stress.

Less Self Caring:

In serving or treating for other’s illness most of the doctors forgot to take care of themselves is one of the saddest truths which are saying around the world by reports. Yes many doctors have sacrificed their lives to saving us against this deadly covid infections but saddest thing we could realize is huge number of doctors served us until their last breadth because of not caring about their health more than of us is bitter fact so we should respect those pure souls. Even before this pandemic too, there are many doctors left their lives while on service to society and now too they are putting their lives in upfront to win this war against Coronavirus from all over the world.


Being as Doctor they have more stresses in their work and personal life too, but not told or not even express by them in nowhere because they not interested to do that more than that, caring of patients is their first priority. Here those above lists are very less different kinds of untold stresses which are could handled by each physicians in both before and after Covid Pandemic. In their day to day life there are many stresses apart from this listed above are faced by doctors as one of the reports saying huge number of doctors getting burned out due to high degree of pressure in mind because of imbalanced work-life living culture for them


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