Hats Off to Tamilnadu Government Frontline Warriors

tamilnadu phc

tamilnadu phc


In India specifically down state Tamilnadu state government doctors performing great by providing dedicated social service to people around the state along with high quality treatment and care to patients comparatively of worldwide health care consultants who are also serving society under government’s authorization at free of cost. Let us see in this post we can discuss more about their activities beyond treating patients in hospitals not alone more than that of such as providing home care treatments for diabetic patients and so many health infirmities, scheduling camp around state with accompanying group of doctors from various specialties involved like neurology, cardiac, dentist and so on. All of these tasks are already in their to do list, now like adding one more piece to the plate is now regular covid treatment care also placed on that list, so really we should give them big applauds for their sincere services so far and in future too they will provide with pleasure in mind.

Dedicated Frontline Warrior’s Services:

  • Primary health care center
  • Door step medical care
  • Preventive medical care scheme
  • Normal OP consultations
  • Covid duty
  • Maternity treatment and care

Primary Health Care Center:

A primary health care center not only around cities, but also especially opened in remote villages too to provide preventive health care for endemic unknown diseases to poor people daily these health care center also offers knowledge how to be clean, hygiene and sanitized well in order to avoid kind of diseases as like dengue, typhoid, etc. Beyond treating patients they are having responsibility to making awareness about new diseases and fungus to the people who are either literates or illiterates for the society.


  • Creating preventive disease awareness in villages
  • Offering high standard treatment facility
  • Free of cost health care service

Door Step Medical Care:

This is one of the best services offering by Tamilnadu government for poor people to facilitate regular body checkups for identifying health complaints if they have any or else providing proper medications and injections care if they are already having diabetics and Blood Pressure or other infirmities too. Many of the government doctors held at the region where they allocated for by government and reviewing different patients, then providing treatment and checkups at door step everyday is their responsibility and provide monthly medications for patients that based on their health complaints each month.

Doctors Responsibilities:

  • Provide home care treatments
  • Offer monthly medications
  • Make awareness about non communicable diseases
  • Door step health consultation offers
  • Screening patients at home

Preventive Medical Care Scheme:

Preventive Medical Care Scheme bunch of doctors from various specialties like Siddha, Homeopathy, Dentistry, etc comprised of altogether in a group to provide best health care for villages as well as metros all over Tamilnadu. Under this particular scheme, people getting benefits from the doctors are let people can avail general health checkups, appropriate medications and treatments for different illness based on their health conditions, they would be referred to any headquarter hospital nearby areas as well by specialists if they needed further treatments This service also offered at free of cost for people.


  • Camping around villages to provide free health care
  • Making health and hygienic awareness
  • Multiple specialty care treatment provided
  • Issuance of Health insurance cards
  • Free of cost service provided

Normal OP care:

This is regular day-to-day routine work for government physicians to look on to daily out patients who come with different kind of illness to government hospitals. Here also they would do try level the best to recover patients from diseases and even most time, they strive hard to save patient’s lives all are under cost effective treatments but also high graded one. Normally they would see 1000+ patients a day, moreover if any emergency situation or critical stage for patient’s health they can spend time to never leave patient’s conditions so serious at any stage.

Covid Duty:

Since 2020 after Covid pandemic occurs, generally most of the health care professions affected in terms of improper work-life balance, irregular sleep mode in day and night, safety protocols are essential one to see the patients by wearing PPE kit let make them feel uncomfortable, with the above previous to do list, this covid treatment and care have to be placed in their highly prioritized for government doctors as of now, so they become stressed to do multi tasking and try to make attentive themselves everywhere in each of their work schedule is magical one for normal persons. After Covid-19 pandemic, they literally can’t get back to their home and they have round the clock duty challenged to treat Covid patients until they recovered.

Maternity treatment and Care:

Maternity treatment provided at government hospitals make everyone realized they not treat for money basis, but only they offering services in best quality range because of that patient don’t get pushed to critical level which would  bring them to the cesarean stage as such like other private hospitals. Government health care physicians dedicated their service to society is appreciable one. In maternity treatment period, from gestation to postpartum giving appropriate advice for pregnancy women and moreover very transparent in disclosing about treatment with patients for maternity care by government doctors.


Siddha is ancient days health care treatment with effective recovery from illness by gradual improvements in health conditions but assured relief over diseases, group of siddha doctors also provided their best support on this covid war against deadly virus we should thank them here for their major contributions.


Homeopathy is another vital treatment type provided by many homeopaths physicians with the help of providing natural substances plants and minerals by mixing with water content as Potentization. Homeopathy treatment also plays a big part of this covid epidemic to save patients, its excited to hear about hear about recovering from covid due to help of homeopathy medications.


Ayurvedic is oldest holistic health care treatment it is derived since 3000 years ago by our ancestors in olden days. But we could be shocked to see the results regarding covid cases are drastically raised of recovery rates by this Ayurvedha medicines followed as per the Physicians advice. Ayurvedic medicine also provided efficient success rates against this pandemic Coronavirus in specifically in India.


Front line warriors is an opt title for government doctors, because they are having more mental strength for handling different align of duties which are allotted for them and flexible to switch over to any schedule as of their allotment is great skill. From this article, As government doctors, they are also having many responsibilities as we discussed here in this session. We should be grateful for them to protecting us against Covid or other epidemic diseases, also for serving us with happy mind even having hectic schedule in their day-to-day duties.


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