No Vacation! No Celebration! With Family for Doctors

No Vacation Planning For Doctors

No Vacation Planning For Doctors


Basically physicians have no enjoyments, get together parties or not even participated in their own family functions or celebrations there is no rest for them to spent time with their kids or family members. Since approximately 1000+ patients waiting for doctors per day in clinics to save their lives, so many health care doctors has dedicated their lives for patients so that they have more and more accountability to treat patients at any situations no personal commitments should be barrier for taken caring of patients in order to curing their illness over time. Here in this blog we have to look about the other side of doctors to spend their valuable life with family is not possible.

No Vacation Planning For Doctors:

Every normal people would plan for great vacation to enjoy their holidays with friends and family but no matters what kind of profession they are in, here when for doctors planning vacations with their holidays on calendar is biggest dream to spent along with their family members since they are apart from profession essential service they are providing to society so much dedication is only the thing beyond their personal planners for tours and picnics. Even if the day come for planning tour, but unfortunately getting canceled or postponed to next available date because of if there is urgent circumstance arrive to handle severe cases at emergency ward or else any new case admitted with critical stage at their clinics unexpectedly it happened. In very few cases if they scheduled any important surgical procedure for any heart patients on the day so they can’t schedule proper planning for vacations. Before and after Covid pandemic too, doctors have no leisure time to go for any trip with friends & relatives especially after pandemic situations arrives in 2020 many physicians was staying in hospitals not even able to move out from clinic at all.

No Celebrations for doctors:

Sometimes doctors can’t able to attend any of their family functions though, because their hectic schedule that are already allotted for patients. If they already confirmed those occasions with their relatives but at last minute it might unfortunately new circumstance drive them to sit at clinic and go with any emergency procedure for patients. Many family functions has been also skipped by doctors so they can’t predict the day which is really missed the occasions, in somehow most senior surgeons also couldn’t participate in their own son/daughter’s marriage since put up their schedule for important surgery as already declared to patients. Due to this hard situation many of their relatives or friends can’t understand the doctors feelings of painful in terms of not attending the events or parties on the occasion date which is coincidentally arrive at doctors’ essential clinic work stuffs that might be serious patient procedure date, still many doctors strive very tough to pre plan their duties in profession and spend their time for personal occasions or parties with friends & family.


Every doctors also having families, friends and they need time to spent with them from after exhaustion of energy a day in hospital by reviewing their daily process from patients, staffs etc, so most of the persons wouldn’t even realize doctors pain of separation from family members, skipping important family occasions, some of the professions not money matters but its valuable one to serve for society so doctors can’t pre plan any occasions or vacations in order dedicate time for their family members  or friends.


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