Problems Faced by Frontline Warriors in Covid




Doctors are more respectful profession than all other fields especially we couldn’t just appreciate or grateful them with just saying ‘Thanks’ but also we respect their profession with dignity for serving us tirelessly in no time 24/7 let they are staying in clinics or hospitals without even caring about their health during Covid pandemic situation occurs all over the world. Even if they are doctors but when treating and seeing approximately 1000+ patients in a day it would be having possibility of affected with epidemic such like Coronavirus or other dangerous diseases, they couldn’t care about their health in serving us or moreover many healthcare workers, doctors also sacrificed their lives when taking care of patients. While in treating patients, many doctors we should consider them as soldiers to fight against Covid since 2020, in meanwhile they also having some troubles from the society in different cases which are faced by many doctors during this Covid pandemic days so here in this blog we will look onto those problems faced by doctors.

List of Problems:

  • Limitless active working hours
  • Chances for high infection rates
  • Social and family pressure
  • Shortage of safety protocols
  • Physical assaults on health care workers

Limitless Active Working hours:

As since pandemic started in all over the world, there is no rest time for physicians and other health care workers and even they couldn’t have tea break to relax themselves for few minutes they should be active in no time manner or leaving patients for any personal works too though they have many work stuffs and no need to having leisure time to spend with their family to sort out of their personal work. Still many lady doctors have feeling sad to can’t able take care of their spouse and children or even not able to visit their parents due to unlimited working hours for doctors 24/7 staying in hospitals to treating the patients. No rest no Leave since 2020 when started Covid pandemic worldwide for all doctors.

Chances for High Infections Rates:

One of the reports saying that, in both first and second wave of covid all over the world we have lost more health care workers and doctors in huge rate as comparatively to patient’s death rates seriously many doctors and their family also affected with Covid. This high infection rates not only in this corona pandemic period but also if we when taking their dedicated health service taking into account, they having high chances of infections from severe epidemic possibility and also they are hard to protect everyone of us and protecting themselves is also big challenge in their profession.

Social and Family Problems:

According to their profession, they may having responsibility to take care of every patients and treat for their illness based on their specialist department as well, but in this approx 2 years many doctors also being hurt by our society and family as well in various scenarios such as like rental homes owners were forced to vacate doctor’s living house, family members would not like to visit doctors home since afraid of epidemic to spread and not possible to meet any of their friends in personal but only virtual meet possible in any social mediums. In last two years bride/groom doctors are not interested by our society even they are well educated and settled background since due to timeless working hours and with frightening thoughts of Corona infection they might felt for insecure future life.

Shortage of Safety Protocols:

When saving the lives of others by doctors, first they not having full complete safety protocol for themselves tools such as PPE kit or masks or ventilators or other safety equipments in adequate quantity still those shortages in held all over the world as one of the reports are saying so they having insecurity to serve society without fear of spreading deadly disease Covid. Doctors and other health care profession’s safety is highest priority to treat patient with comfort by wearing their Safety protocols. These are all talks went on during pandemic started and now too this shortage exists in several part of the world as one of the reports saying that.

Physical Assaults on Health Care Workers:

Not only on doctors but also many health care workers getting attacked by public as one of the reports says that when their treatment not getting helped for patients in very rare cases, but 99% they will save patient’s life as much as they can with full efforts but some irresponsible people not understand in forefront they could do annoying activities of shout at them, hit them and moreover they ready to kill on the spot one of the talks saying that. People should respect doctors because they are striving hard to save our lives against any diseases, they are having high responsibilities more than of us to treat, take care of every patients with patience in a kind manner so we all should keep coordinate with them until getting successful treatment. We have no rights to attack or trying to hit any health care professions as one of the reports says that.


Here I listed only few struggles faced by doctors, but many such like problems they are facing everyday from sexual abuse of lady physician, lesser economical growth in serving to our society. For saving our lives by putting their life in critical against this global wide pandemic, we don’t celebrate them as much, but not disrespect them at least. Now onwards we should understand their feelings, what kind of problems they are facing in day-to-day work life and give them big salute to their service with patience.

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