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Doctors are real soldiers in this pandemic since 2019 on China, but now all over the world there are huge millions of doctors sacrificed their life due to this effective, uncontrolled Coronavirus. One of the research says, we have lost huge young doctors too while there was in both first and second wave of Covid at peak range, as of 2021 survey letting us know about there are 798 doctors died by severe attack of Covid specifically in India. Doctors are super heroes for saving our lives they are sacrificing family, endless working hours at hospital but now they are serving us with critical lives of their own at risk. Let us see in this session about list of doctors around world who sacrificed their lives while on global pandemic war.

Dr. Li Wenliang:

Dr. Li Wenliang 34, in China who is the first person detected this effective epidemic on December 2019 but many of the police officials accused him of being rumoring about on false comments over social media platforms, but after few weeks he also experienced abnormal in his health conditions such as unusual coughing and fever, and after that his family members of 10 also affected hardly by Covid then, finally then at the time no one cares about his post in which he warned whole country about this pandemic spreading over already. But somewhat he is no more with us, consumed his life by corona virus. These news had been spoken on that time.

Dr. Irfan Halim:

Just couple of months ago, Dr. Irfan Halim Surgeon in UK, Swindon Hospital lost his lives November 2021 even having treatment with Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation was used to give him customized artificial lungs. He stayed away from his family by quarantined himself before two months on September 2021 but unfortunately nothing get helped for him to survive against this heavy pandemic in second wave such talks went on then in media on UK.

Dr. Karthika:

Dr. Karthika 29 Dermatologists in India belongs to Tamilnadu state Died against Covid war very sadly then she was pregnant woman seriously affected by Novel virus on last year May 2021. She was tested Covid-19 positive on May first week, then she was admitted to hospital nearby her localities but her health needs further improvement on treatment, so suggested by experts she admitted to other hospital on one Sunday but there she left her last breadth. On the whole, sad thing is we lost one of the young doctor as spoken about this across entire state.

Dr. Anas Mujahid:

Dr. Anas Mujahid 26, another youngest doctor we lost in second wave on 2021 last year he was working as junior resident doctor at Delhi’s Guru Teg Hospital who was dedicatedly serving patients to save their soul against Covid battle also he was one of the very youngest doctors out of 244 doctors who are also lost their lives as spoken around India on May 2021. After his sudden death, his parents and relatives also told that he had no co morbidity or not having any health issues as he friend Aamir sohail also said he is also a doctor. Aamir also doesn’t believe this happened to his Friend and suddenly Aamir also affected by Covid just few days before Mujahid died but later he survived from pandemic. Dr. Aamir had missed his friend very much we could understand from tears on his eye.

Dr. Roberto Stella:

Dr. Roberto Stella 67 years old general practitioner who sacrificed his lives when treating covid patients in Italy on March 2020 as one of the reports says that. He died due to respiratory system failure on due to coronavirus as report saying that when taking care of patients and guide them in proper manner against the Covid. Unexpectedly this happens as one of the reports saying that, when Stella actively treating patients for Covid, suddenly his death come to end his life and sacrificed for people in Italy. This news went on media as hot topic then around France.

Dr. Usama Riaz:

Dr. Usama Riaz, 26 is another younger doctor from Pakistan who had responsibility to screening people in forefront from Pakistan-Iran border at hospital in Gilgit-Baltistan. He actually affected by virus when serving patients on duty, then he was immediately rushed to hospital for ventilator but he couldn’t survive anymore and his life has been ended with tears in everyone’s eyes since he saved many of the lives before died at the beginning stage of epidemic in Pakistan as one of the spoken talks went on then. Sad thing is, he was the first doctor in Pakistan infected by Covid on 2020.

Dr. Jean Jacques:

A 68 year old Dr. Jean Jacques, Even he was retired from service but his sincerity induced him to volunteer into serving patients who are affected with Covid on 2020 and helping his colleagues to recovering bulk number of patients. He is also first doctor from French affected with due to coronavirus in 2020 one of the reports saying that in France. When he is performing his social service by treating and taking of care of patients in hospital, he caught by Covid. Due to his passion in serving the people drives him to saving other’s life even at the age of 68 is, let us be grateful his dedicated service.

Dr. Shanmugapriya:

Dr. Shanmugapriya another Pregnant Doctor who belonging to the State of Tamilnadu Madurai, India, also affected by Covid last year April 2021 just a day after she got sanctioned of maternity leave for her pregnancy but just couple of days ago then she tested negative when she got admitted to hospital she received result as Positive. Afterwards she was experienced distress and suffered of intrauterine death and made shocking her colleagues as she succumbed to death due to coronoavirus as report saying that.


Doctors are our super heroes not only in this epidemic situations occurs, but also for our life long health to be good and stay strong. Not only militants are soldiers, but also doctors serving us by making their life at risk situations as many as above in the list by battling against various epidemic diseases as well. We should respect their dedications to the society, and will thank for their sincerity in doing job without any expectations other than saving our life by seeing smile on their face. Here only we have seen few doctors who lost their life for us but there are huge unknown doctors also in this list as many included of more health care workers too sacrificed their soul against Covid war.

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