Sleepless Nights for Doctors During Pandemic



Doctors are also human, they also having emotions and feelings, but while on their duty giving their 100 % to save one’s lives so many physicians all over the world had sincerely dedicated life to their profession and since last year 2020 after outbreak of Covid-19 has let them to left their family, children and relatives in home quarantine experiencing different kinds of mental pressure as one side striving more hard to save patient’s life and other side kept their personal stuffs aside and straight away take caring of the patients as they’re front liners. Specifically, in these pandemic times they have no time to take even atleast for an hour sleep at nights.

Sleepless Nights for Doctors:

One of the research says that “normal person either men/women should take rest by having good sleep for atleast 6 hours at night to stay healthy” but for doctors haven’t had rest when the situation of pandemic arrives they running back and forth home and hospital or else sometimes stayed round the clock in clinics to treat that severe epidemic stage of Coronavirus. Doctor’s children, parents/spouse also spending every night lonely without them and even can’t say hi to their friends and families, because situations is running out of time to take care of patients so they became very hectic so far. If we have any health problems we could approach physicians but if they have any attack from any disease no one is there to simply ask how about now? Or how is their health? Sleepless nights for doctors are not only as only due to pandemic but this exists already before the Covid epidemic.

In sometimes, there is unexpected call to their mobile number at night the physician just end their day with seeing bulk number of patients, leaving hospital and enter the home suddenly mobile rang now and they quickly reverse back to hospital, then suddenly staring as whether it might be one of their inpatient onto serious condition or there is any new patient rushed now with emergency care seeking.

The above scenario which indicates unexpectedly sudden happenings for doctors but apart from that sometimes they could experience those sleepless nights by psychologically is losing last hopefulness when they did seen patient’s lives in danger zone or it would be critical stage to get them recover all these things let down the physicians mentally but they couldn’t express it so that they felt that as anxiety on their mind and not even simply taking rest. Patient’s soul is above their lives denotes sincerity which would make them to feels not good and spend lots of sleepless nights when they know about patient’s condition is so critical and its out of their hand indicates no more last chance to save patient.

Then after all those painfulness physicians let start their consecutive day and seeing next patient with hope, this is not easiest one as for normal people, but they can do overcome from the sadness shortly so we should appreciate their dedications and there is no more words to grateful for doctors other than saying Thanks and respect their feelings as well.


We believes doctors are our living visible lords to save our lives and they also having emotions, feelings, families and above all they are also human many physicians sacrificed their life while on this pandemic due to Covid attack and they even can’t live their day without treating patients and let us understand their feelings as well from now on giving them time let them to spend with family and having good sleep and food regularly.

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