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Is being a doctor stressful?
Introduction: Every profession has stress, Doctors too have some different types of stress in their day-to-day life along with that they could move on and providing incredible service to society with joy in mind by never storing stresses consequently over one another, because they know they are here to give dedicated health care and treatment […]
doctorsground doctors
Introduction: Doctors are real soldiers in this pandemic since 2019 on China, but now all over the world there are huge millions of doctors sacrificed their life due to this effective, uncontrolled Coronavirus. One of the research says, we have lost huge young doctors too while there was in both first and second wave of […]
tamilnadu phc
Introduction: In India specifically down state Tamilnadu state government doctors performing great by providing dedicated social service to people around the state along with high quality treatment and care to patients comparatively of worldwide health care consultants who are also serving society under government’s authorization at free of cost. Let us see in this post […]
  Introduction Doctors are also human, they also having emotions and feelings, but while on their duty giving their 100 % to save one’s lives so many physicians all over the world had sincerely dedicated life to their profession and since last year 2020 after outbreak of Covid-19 has let them to left their family, […]