Top 10 Best Specialty Hospitals in India

Top hospitals in India

Top hospitals in India

Multi Specialty Hospitals in India:

India has enormous of Top Best Specialty Hospitals with efficient medical experts, doctors and highly facilitated specialty hospitals compared to other countries. Moreover many Specialty Clinics also reached out to even at remote villages so villagers and many poor people too having top quality of treatment from Best specialty Hospitals near to their locality. As one of the study saying that 65% of people would trusted on great quality of services provided by hospitals rather than cost. Basically, India has highly equipped health care doctors and of course even having sufficient not only up to that but more than great standard hospitals never known to common people for getting good health care depends on their illness. Here in this blog, we could see about such Top Specialty Hospitals in India where they located and what specialties available.

Best Specialty Hospitals here:

  • Apollo hospital Chennai
  • Fortis Hospital Banglore
  • Nanavati specialty hospital Mumbai
  • Max super specialty hospital Delhi
  • Primus Super specialty hospital Delhi
  • Wockhardt Hospital Mumbai
  • Ruby hall Clinic Pune
  • Columbia Asia Hospital Banglore
  • Maxcure Hospital Hyderabad
  • Artemis Hospital Gurgaon

Apollo Hospital Chennai:

Apollo hospital located at greams road Chennai, well known Specialty Hospital and wide range of over 71 branches available in India, not only limited up to the level of providing health care services on hospitals but also having 3400 pharmacies, 90 primary care clinics and 150 diagnostic centers. Due to the well equipped and efficient team of specialists are providing dedicated health care services in high standard quality basis that means their reputation over a era. There are specialists to treat not only patients from India, but also many foreigners getting consultations via International patients health care from Apollo as one of the reports saying that.

Facilities available:

  • Advanced laboratory equipment
  • Air ambulance services available
  • More than 500+ beds available
  • Countless healthcare treatments provided.
  • High standard health care services
  • Top efficient specialists, surgeon and physicians
  • Dedicated in-house nurses providing best support
  • Advanced Operation theaters and Critical care unit
  • Special Covid-19 emergency care
  • Online appointment booking

Fortis hospital Banglore:

Fortis Hospital is another big giant unit in India to provide best quality of services; it is one of the Top Specialty Hospitals in India running almost all around metro cities across county such as Chennai, Banglore, Delhi, Mumbai, etc. Fortis hospitals has well equipped skilled doctors and health care staffs from all disciples in each departments on medical industry as neurology, cardiology, orthocare and so on, so that sudden strike on mind people when they have any health issues to consult with Fortis group of experts.

Services Available:

  • Cardio care
  • Advanced intensive care unit
  • 24/7 medical service available
  • Bone & joint care
  • Urology
  • Liver care
  • Oncology
  • Neuro & Spine care
  • Advanced Robotics center
  • State of the art diagnostic
  • Intensive emergency care unit for Covid patients.
  • Online health care checkups

These are the above few dazzling health care services are offering at Fortis Hospital in Banglore so it is placed in one of the Top Best Specialty Clinics in our lists.

Nanavati Super Specialty Hospital:

Nanavati Hospital has great pride of inaugurated by First prime minister of India in 1951. Nanavati hospital also specialized in providing treatment and cure of cancer by their excellent team of doctors recovered massive number of cancer patients with advanced treatments and services. Here there are grand pools of specialties services available according to patient’s illness such as department of neuro sciences, cardio care, pulmonologist etc under one of centers of excellence to give effective healing procedure to patients. Another important is one Nabh accredited health care hospital in India. This super max Specialty Hospital located in Mumbai.

Services Provided:

  • Exclusive Cancer treatment
  • Efficient crew of doctors
  • Round the clock emergency care
  • High standard medical facilities available
  • Advanced exclusive centers of excellence
  • Smart medical equipment to treat patients
  • Extensive Covid Care treatment center
  • Online consulting

Max Super Specialty Hospital:

Max Super Specialty Hospital is one of the top rated Best Specialty Hospital in India which is located Saket at Delhi national capital region. Max is an elite medical health center inaugurated across few branches around India with well specialized physicians from various medical departments under one roof of excellent team. Due to powerful technologies and hands on experienced group of doctors efforts are only reason to look out this prime hospital we never way to skip this one in our blog.

Services Provided:

  • Home health care by Max specialty
  • Covid-19 emergency care for children
  • Preventive health checks
  • Emergency care unit
  • Insurance and TPA
  • Max Laboratory
  • International Patient health care
  • Online consultation

Primus Super Specialty Hospital:

Primus is one of the high ranking Top Multi Specialty Hospital in India located Delhi, where there is modern medical equipments are deployed for patients treatment in order to fasten the healing process with minimum of hospitalization at beds in order to recover from illness. In-house primus having large team of experienced professionals including specialists from various specialties areas with effective healing procedural followed. Primus has motto of heath to all and committed towards every social cause and upliftment of country and the world as whole.

 Facilities at Primus:

  • Emergency care unit
  • Online appointment consultation
  • Modernized medical equipment
  • Medical and surgical critical care unit
  • 7 modular Operation theaters
  • Flat panel cath lab
  • 15 bedded dialysis unit

Wockhardt Hospital Mumbai:

Wockhardt hospital is ultra tech modernized Specialty Hospital in India located in Mumbai and it has wide range of medical care services to every health issues with respective Physicians deployed. Wockhardt has branches not only based India but also there is 20 countries residents having benefits with this Top Super Specialty Hospital. One of the great boon for Mumbai residents is having this Best Specialty Hospital to get quick health care consultation with world class surgeons, physicians and so on. Wockhardt Ltd is largest pharmaceutical and hospitals in India.

Wockhardt Facilities:

  • Top rated medical and health care infrastructure
  • Nabh accredited Health care center
  • International patients consultations
  • Well efficient crew of medical professionals including doctors, surgeons, nurse etc.
  • High class emergency and accident care unit
  • Equipped radiology unit and laboratory
  • Wireless ECG system integrated hospital
  • GPS enabled ambulance services available

Ruby Hall Clinic Pune:

Ruby Hall Clinic is 50 years of expertise in this Health Care Industry since its inception in 1959 and has grown wide for all specialty treatments and care by dedicated effective doctors. This is one of the Top Rated Specialty Clinics in India not only limited to domestic residents that their services benefits but also it covers all global level international patients too. It is one of the oldest and trusted Best Multispecialty Clinics in Pune.


  • Highly efficient air ambulance services
  • Approximately 130 bedded ICU available
  • Integrated with latest machinery to function CT scan, PET scan etc.
  • PET scan enabled hospital.
  • Special Cancer care center with chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
  • Wide range of medical facilities and specialties available for all health problems.
  • Medical and surgical facilities available for pediatric patients

Columbia Asia Referral Hospital:

Columbia Asia Hospital is a international group of medical experts since its launched in 2008 in India, Banglore and successfully running more than a decade with well efficient team of doctors, surgeons, nurses and staffs with effective treatment and care provided for all health concerns to the patients. It is one of the modern Specialty Hospitals in India and also it has its branches in over 28 foreign countries too. This Top Best Multi Specialty Hospital encompasses of highly skilled and vibrant medical experts for all health care concerns in each specialties.

Facilities Available:

  • 24/7 support provided in Lab, Blood bank, emergency care unit etc.
  • All new latest technologically equipped in-built diagnostic center.
  • Suite of high dependency units.
  • Broad range of rehabilitative service from voice therapy, physiotherapy and occupational therapy etc are available.
  • Well equipped Operation Theaters.

Maxcure Hospital Hyderabad:

Maxcure hospital located in Hyderabad, madhapur and Secundrabad having high class health care facilities in order to serve for patients on best quality of service. They have recently opened unit in Maharashtra, Nashik too. This Best Specialty Hospital has successfully completed a decade through entering this Health care Industry with long term support of treating care of patients.


  • Modern medical facilities and equipment
  • Great infrastructure
  • Well trained medical professionals
  • Nabh Accredited hospital
  • 1600+ bedded Inpatients care unit
  • Exclusive ICU dedicated for heart patients.
  • Advanced diagnostic facilities such as 4D echos, EEG video available etc.

Artemis Hospital Gurgaon:

Artemis hospital is successfully providing best standard range of service to patients since 2007 and pride in saying about this Best Specialty Hospitals in terms of receiving first accreditation by JCI (Joint Commission International) and rapidly accredited of Nabh in just three years  more specifically in Gurgaon after launched is great one.


  • Green Operation theater certified by Bureau veritas.
  • Home Care Services also deployed for sample collections, physiotherapy and doctor consultation etc.
  • There is wide range of centers of excellence in almost all health specialists concerns.
  • Pickup and drop air ambulance services are available.
  • Advanced life support system service also provided while on emergency needed.
  • International patients care also provided with great treatment and care.


Here are top best specialty hospitals in India, not only these list but there are bulk number of best specialty clinics are available across India, we have listed only few here. Basically medical and health care system is better to all healing process comparatively of all other countries since there are highly equipped doctors with enhanced hi-tech clinics are built per year. Many doctors also seeking to build new platform in this tech era via opening Online clinic by Clinic Management Software too.


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